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Posted on 07-24-2017

Spartanburg Optometrists Explains Blue Light

Did you know that watching your favorite TV show before bed, or playing or working on your laptop or tablet increases your risk for harmful blue light exposure? Even reading a book next to an energy efficient LED light can be damaging. Any of these electronic devices emits blue light, which is a type of light on the light spectrum that, if exposure is not kept under control, can have negative effects on your eyesight as well as your overall health.

blue light computer

In today's world some of this exposure can't be helped, but fortunately, your Spartanburg optometrists at Eyes on Henry can help you develop strategies to reduce your exposure, and keep tabs on your risks and any damage that may have already happened to your eyes.

Doctors of Optometry Addressing Adverse Effects of Blue Light

Doctors of Optometry continually look for ways to not only treat eye problems but also help patients help their eyes use their natural defenses to protect themselves. One main protectant for a person's eyes is melanin. It helps keep the retina healthy and keeps our circadian rhythm in check in order to assure we get the quality sleep we need. Staying up watching TV or movies, or reading isn't just bad for you because of basic eye strain, but it also prevents the proper production of melanin. This can lead to many health problems linked to sleep deprivation. It's also been shown to increase the risk of developing age related macular degeneration (AMD) which can lead to blindness.

What You Can Do About Blue Light

Most experts advise that you do what you can to avoid blue light exposure a few hours before bed. At Eyes on Henry we can keep tabs on any possible damage through regular eye exams. We can notice if there are signs of retinal damage. We can also prescribe eyeglasses that have blue light blocking technology built in that will block much of the extra blue light that may be damaging your eyes.

Make An Appointment With Our Spartanburg Optometrists Today!

To help make this affordable we are offering a special where if you buy one complete pair of glasses with no glare, you can get a second pair 50% off. This offer can be used with insurance. To learn more about protecting your eyes from blue light, contact Eyes on Henry in Spartanburg at  864-585-0208    to schedule an appointment.

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